Mathieu Tremblin. #occupy. 2017.

Tags: action, gentrification, Paris (FR), security, urbanism

Mathieu Tremblin. Matching with Urban Intervention. 2017.

Tags: Arles (FR), Budapest (HU), documentation, image, intervention, Marseille (FR), Paris (FR), postinternet, Strasbourg (FR), viral

Jordan Seiler, Mathieu Tremblin. Digital Fortune Cookies. 2017.

Tags: action, collaboration, digital, meme, postinternet, Stavanger (NO)

Mathieu Tremblin. Separation. 2017.

Tags: advertising, functionalism, intervention, Prague (CZ), urban furniture

Mathieu Tremblin. Attitudes mineures. 2017.

Tags: action, action documentary, attitude, collaboration, gesture, highschool, Lons-le-Saunier (FR), regulation, teenage

Mathieu Tremblin. Inscripcion n° 9. 2016.

Tags: decay, Inscripcions, intervention, Strasbourg (FR), survey, urban furniture

Mathieu Tremblin. Balancing Freedom of Speech in Düsseldorf. 2016.

Tags: Balancing Freedom of Speech, collaboration, Düsseldorf (DE), intervention, self-expression, sign

Mathieu Tremblin. Street Art Evaluation “What is commissionned Street Art the name of?”. 2016.

Tags: collaborative, diagram, intervention, Lisbon (PT), mural, postinternet, Street Art Evaluation, survey

Mathieu Tremblin. Drop Furniture. 2016.

Tags: drop, intervention, Lyon (FR), urban furniture

Mathieu Tremblin. Liberté Égalité Soldes. 2016.

Tags: advertising, appropriation, graffiti, intervention, political, Strasbourg (FR), surveillance

Mathieu Tremblin. Global Color Local Market. 2015.

Tags: installation, Marseille (FR), sign

Mathieu Tremblin. All City Incrustation. 2014.

Tags: graffiti, meme, mural, name writing, Nuart Festival, postinternet, Stavanger (NO)

Mathieu Tremblin. Rainwater Popsicles. 2014.

Tags: action, ecology, Yakutsk (RU)

Mathieu Tremblin. Fondation pour la sous-culture. 2014.

Tags: Arles (FR), graffiti, intervention, mural, name writing, sign, statement

Mathieu Tremblin. Sport Socks Abstraction. 2014.

Tags: appropriation, mural, sport, vernacular

Mathieu Tremblin. Basic. 2014.

Tags: appropriation, digital, intervention, Paris (FR), postinternet

Mathieu Tremblin. Stolen Smiles. 2014.

Tags: governance, Haubourdin (FR), intervention, Loos (FR), loot, Rennes (FR), theft

Mathieu Tremblin. Ink Geyser. 2013.

Tags: Basel (CH), Ink Geyser, installation, LOL, meme, mural, postinternet

Mathieu Tremblin. Droit de glanage. 2013.

Tags: Arles (FR), commercial, intervention, loot, theft, window

Mathieu Tremblin. Vanilla Urban Furniture. 2013.

Tags: action, security, Toulouse (FR)

Mathieu Tremblin. Copying Van Gogh. 2013.

Tags: appropriation, Bruxelles (BE), graffiti, intervention, mural, name writing, Van Gogh

Mathieu Tremblin. Parking Tickets Bouquet. 2013.

Tags: action, governance, Mons (BE)

Mathieu Tremblin. Watermark. 2013.

Tags: appropriation, intervention, Mons (BE), mural, postinternet

Mathieu Tremblin. Closet Island. 2012.

Tags: Arles (FR), intervention, Paris (FR), TGV, theft

Mathieu Tremblin. Mouton Noir. 2012.

Tags: intervention, Rennes (FR), sculpture, security, theft, urban furniture

Mathieu Tremblin. Modulor Ruban. 2012.

Tags: appropriation, installation, object, Rennes (FR), urbanism

Mathieu Tremblin. Ink Geyser. 2012.

Tags: graffiti, Ink Geyser, installation, LOL, meme, mural, postinternet, Rennes (FR)

Mathieu Tremblin. Banqueroute. 2012.

Tags: action, Arles (FR), commercial, crisis, waste

Mathieu Tremblin. Graffiti Statue. 2012.

Tags: action, graffiti, Quimper (FR), street performance, vernacular

Mathieu Tremblin. Le spectacle est terminé. 2012.

Tags: Christmas, intervention, Quimper (FR), statement, vernacular

Mathieu Tremblin. Déboulonnage “Nijmegen”. 2011.

Tags: collage, image, public sculpture

Mathieu Tremblin. Fruits Skewer. 2011.

Tags: intervention, mass surveillance, Nijmegen (NL)

Mathieu Tremblin. twittŒuvres. 2010.

Tags: appropriation, blog, statement, working document

Mathieu Tremblin. Tag Clouds “rue de Gaillon”. 2010.

Tags: commissioned, graffiti, intervention, mural, name writing, postinternet, private property, Rennes (FR), Tag Clouds

Mathieu Tremblin. Draft Book. 2010.

Tags: sketch

Mathieu Tremblin. an-image-which-crosses-borders.jpg. 2009.

Tags: DIY, file, graffiti, image, intervention, Ramallah (PS), statement

Mathieu Tremblin. Urban Survey. 2004.

Tags: image, survey

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